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Science Fair IV

We enter the 4th version of the consecutive annual event Science Fair IV took place on 26.09.2019. A total of 10 student projects were presented including an MST stand with advanced material based sensors hosted by Dr Roberto Bautista and prototyping with 3D printer stand hosted by SAXEED.  The contest is focused on open ideas in the field of sensors, environmental impact, automation and health. The chosen field is the current driving platform for industry 4.0. Students were encouraged to develop their own ideas and present it in an easy to understand and elegant manner.

The event was organized by Rajarajan Ramalingame (Chairman), Bilel Ben Atitallah (Vice-Chair) and Meriam Ben Ammar (Secretary).

The Science Fair IV “BEST EXHIBIT AWARD” was presented to Mr Ahmed Smida.


The Science Fair IV “BEST CONCEPT AWARD” was presented to Mr Yousuf Imam and Mr Pankaj Kumar Shaw.


The winners of the Science Fair IV competition were awarded attractive prizes that include a complete start-up kit of Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3 and a fully-funded opportunity to participate in the Hacking Health 2019 competition in Sfax, Tunisia.

We extend our hearty thanks to all the supporters of the event and special thanks to Mr Joseph Stephens (SAXEED), StuRa TU-Chemnitz, CSM and the MST team.




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